Slow Metabolism and digestive issues results in the formation of toxins known in Ayurveda as AMA.




AMA is a kind of unmetabolized waste that accumulates within the human body and mind, clogs the channels of the body, preventing nutrients from being delivered efficiently to the cells and preventing wastes from being discharged efficiently from the body. AMA can be the result of both enviromental toxins (polluted air, pesticides, preservatives, etc.) and faulty eating habits, poor food choices/combinations. Signs of AMA accumulation in the body and mind are heaviness, slugghishness, letargy, fatique. If toxins continue to build up sooner or later all the bodly systems will be affected at ceratin degree, one or more Doshas will go out of balance leading to disease. Hyperthension, High colesterol, Rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer's are examples of diseases due to Ama accumulation at a more subtle level.