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COVID-19 Treatment Procedures

Holistic Naturally new COVID-19 procedures in compliance with the current government guidelines. If you have any questions please send me a message or pick up the phone; all questions and discussions are welcomed as always.

These new procedures are based on the advice given by my association, Ayurvedic Professionals Association (APA)

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Risk Assessments: I will be doing a risk assessment before each treatment, where I consider the health of each client. I will be in touch to run through this with you in advance of your appointment.


Length of Treatment: The longest length of time any client can be in the treatment room, for now, is 90 minutes, so the longest appointment to book will be 75 minutes for now.


Gap between Appointments: A 20-minute break between each client to thoroughly clean the facility. facilities. This includes hard surfaces/ door handles and furniture. Please respect these timings.


Face Masks: Face masks are required in enclosed spaces, so at this time I will be wearing PPE , including a mask. Please also come with your own mask. If you arrive without yours, I will provide you with one. Face masks can cut the transmission risk by 98.5%.


Hand Sanitising and Washing: I will provide hand sanitiser and soap for you to use and I will prompt you on when to use these.



Clothing and Shoes: When you arrive please leave your shoes by the door. I will then give you a washable box to put your clothes in. This will be thoroughly cleaned between clients.


Ventilation: To ensure ventilation in the treatment room the small window will be kept slightly open throughout the treatment.  


Cancellations: There will be no cancellation fee until further notice. Please please let me know, and cancel your appointment if you feel unwell. We will reschedule once you are feeling better.


Water: Please arrive with your own water bottle filled with water.

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