Self-knowledge is the foundation of life, but how can you know yourself? Ayurveda states that by knowing your Prakruti or Ayurvedic Birth Constitution you will be able to have a better understanding of your body and mind makeup. Knowing your Ayurvedic Birth Constitution is comparable to discover your genetic code at the time of the conception, which does not change.





You are unique because your Prakruti is unique. From an ayurvedic perspective, each individual is a combination of different ratios of three Bio-energies called Doshas - VATA, PITTA and KAPHA.


However, diet, lifestyle, internal and environmental stressors can affect your natural balance messing up with the ratio of the three Doshas that make up your body-mind constitution. Ayurveda tells us that diseases originate from vitiated doshas. Determine the Current Altered State of your doshas is called Vikruti.


Health is a state of balance between Prakriti and Vikruti doshas, where the ratio of doshas in Vikruti is the same as in the Prakriti. Knowing both your Birth Constitution and your Current Altered State revels the ways in which one is prone to disease, which ,means there is a tendency of one of more Dosahs to go out of balance

As a rule of thumb, Ayurveda states that like increase like. This means that if someone dominant dosha is Vata is quite likely to be prone to Vata aggravation. If a Vata person eats too much dry food, doesn't have regular eating times, have restless tendencies, she or he will get definitely high Vata, which is Vata Prakruti. However, not always a Vata type will develop Vata Vikruti. If A Vata type is exposed to too strong Pitta aggravating causes, like eating too much spicy food over a period of time, this person can develop Pitta Vikruti. This rule of thumb apply to all three doshas - VATA, PITTA and KAPKA. 

In Ayurveda knowledge of Prakruti and Vikruti is the foundation to achieve Optimal Health!