5 “Emergency Practices” to restore Emotional Wellness

What does Emotional Wellness mean? And how can someone quickly achieve emotional balance and mind clarity when facing hard time?

We all know how feelings can affect our clarity and ability to cope with everyday activities, including relationships. Have you heard the quote " you cannot always change external circumstances but you can always decide what gets in?

This attitude in life is what I define as Emotional Wellness - the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses, changes and difficulties adopting a mindful approach.

In short, be aware of what is happening and what you’re emotionally experiencing in that specific moment.

Keep Calm and Be Mindful

Remaining calm and centred when feeling overwhelmed by your own emotions is not an easy task nor can be achieved just snapping one own finger. You must train your mind to do so. However, you could implement some simple "emergency practices" to regain balance and control over your mind and emotions.

1. Sniff essential oils! Grab a rollerball of a calming and balancing essential oils blend of choice, rub it on your wrist and take a few long breaths.

Find a quiet spot and take some time to massage your temples joining together index, middle and ring finger. Do not rash and try to synchronize your breath with hand movements. Inhale and mentally count 4, hold for 1 second then exhale and mentally count 8 and let go of all the tensions you are holding.

2. Apply acupressure! Acupressure is the ancient art of using fingertips to apply pressure on key points and stimulate body self-healing abilities.

It encourages the release of tensions and stressful emotions unlocking the flow of the body’s life force (chi/prana). Energy points are all over the body, they could be very sore to the touch as a result of not flowing energy. One of the most important to increase clarity is Yintang or third Eye located directly between the eyebrows, in the bend where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. Inhale to the count of 4, press gently gradually increase the pressure, hold 1 second and exhale to the count of 8. Press the point between two to five minutes.

3. Meditate! Meditation can be very powerful. Studies have proven that those who appear more resilient and better able to hold on to positive emotions are people who have practised some sort of meditation.

I have personally experienced the benefit of reciting positive affirmations during stressful situations. You can create your own positive and encouraging affirmation and mentally repeat during the day. Find a moment to sit still on a chair, keep your backhands on top of your tights, spine erect without slouching in the chair, open your chest holding your chin parallel to the floor, focus your attention on the centre of the eyebrows. Breathe. Full inhalation, long slow exhalation. Keep repeating the affirmation wholehearted until you feel calmer and a sense of peace pervade your entire being.